Therapeutic Personal Training

Personal Training
Personal Training

Therapeutic Personal Training

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Use Exercise Science For The Best Results!

Exercise science: the science of how exercise affects the physiology of the human body.

Exercise physiology is the study of the acute responses and chronic adaptations to a wide range of physical exercise conditions. In addition, many exercise physiologists study the effect of exercise on pathology, and the mechanisms by which exercise can reduce or reverse disease progression.

– Wikipedia

Most folks get their exercise knowledge from uneducated, so-called-professionals who unwittingly peddle exercise myths. This usually results in lack of accomplishment or orthopaedic pain or both. Exercising improperly can actually cause disease & injury.

By using exercise science, you can get the results you want, fast! Furthermore, exercising properly will increase your health & well-being.


You can transform your body with one personal training session a week. Yes, that’s right! Will you do your cardio on your own? Yes? Then you only need to pay for personal training once per week!

To find out if it really works, check our testimonials.

To find out why it works, check out “The WOW Method”.

  • No gym membership required!
  • Personal training sessions will consist of weight training, stretching, active rehabilitation, posture correction & core strengthening. All according to your specific needs!
  • Workout sessions can be either once or twice per week.
  • A “Cardio Plan” will be designed for you to do on your own.
  • Why is a nutritional consultation complimentary? Because it’s so very important to your success!

No Foolin’ Around FEE SCHEDULE

Choose the workout frequency that suits you best! Prices include GST.

Once Per Week

  • 1 full-body weight training session
  • 6 day Cardio Plan to complete on your own
  • One to One: $75 per session
  • Training in Partners: $110 per session

Twice Per Week

  • 1st Workout – upper-body weight-training session
  • 2nd Workout – lower-body weight-training session
  • 5 day Cardio Plan to complete on your own
  • One to One: $75 per session
  • Training in Partners: $110 per session

If a physiotherapist’s, surgeon’s or other healthcare professional’s expertise is required for diagnosis, we will attend the appointment with you at NO CHARGE. This will aid in designing the best active rehabilitation program for you.

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