Why Dieting Makes People Fat

Dieting Makes People Fat
Dieting Makes People Fat | Diets create a downward spiral that looks like this.

Dieting Makes People Fat!

Bulges, rolls, cellulite…

FAT. Ugh! We all despise it. Fat is what everyone is concerned about. Fat is what everyone wants to lose. So how do we get rid of fat?

There is a billion dollar “diet” industry raging due to many folks’ obsessive attempts to answer this question. Along with about a billion myths & scams.

The fact is that dieting never works over the long term. It creates increased weight gain further down the road. This can lead to feelings of failure, a seeping away of self-esteem & possibly depression.

Before Purchasing “Dr. Quack’s: How to Lose Weight in 13 Seconds”… Read This!

Millions are spent on persuasive & pervasive advertising in order to market new diets. Authors & their publishers peddle “the easy answer to weight loss”. If their diet or product gains traction with the public, then the author’s hope of becoming rich comes true.

The advice is almost always to cut back considerably on one (or more) of the six essential nutrients.

What makes it confusing is that you will lose weight in the beginning.

But as time marches on, your body realizes that it’s not getting enough nutrients. It goes into “emergency mode”. Your body protects itself by slowing down your metabolism. This conserves the the dwindling nutrient supply.

If you continue on this path, eventually, the nutrient deficiency will cause health problems. Whilst you suffer from the after affects of the diet, the author & publisher are long gone & are in no way accountable for the consequences of their advice.

Are you being fooled?

What Does The Body Need Food For?

The repair or renovation of any structure requires building materials. What does your body use for building materials?

Food, of course!

But not just any food. Your body needs specific nutrients. If these specific nutrients are unavailable, your new cells may be poor quality or even sparse, like with osteoporosis.

Many folks think that the body just needs a bulk of food for calories to burn. This is not true! Your body only needs the nutrients from the food.

Have You Ever Heard of Essential Nutrients?

Some nutrients can be created through organic chemical reactions within your body. However, there are other required nutrients that cannot be created.

The following six nutrients are deemed “essential” because your body cannot produce them. Alas, they must be consumed.

  • Water
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipids
  • Protein

If losing fat is your goal, then it’s counterproductive to cut out food groups!

Please find the following “inter-body” memos, instructive & entertaining!

Dieting Makes People Fat
Dieting Makes People Fat | Inter-body Memo 1

Which Part of The Body Is Noshing On Nutrients?

Your body is simply a great mass of cells. Bone cells, muscle cells, skin cells, brain cells, etc. You get the idea.

Some cells need repairs on a daily basis. Other cells die a natural death (called apoptosis) & need to be replaced entirely. For example:

  • Bone cells: every three months
  • Skin cells: every 2-4 weeks
  • Lung cells: every 2-3 weeks
  • Stomach lining cells: every 4 days (Those parts that come in contact with food: every 5 minutes)
  • Small intestine cells: 2-3 weeks
  • Colon cells: 4 days
  • Red blood cells: every 4 months
  • White blood cells: takes over a year

Each & every part of your body requires nutrients!

Dieting Makes People Fat
Dieting Makes People Fat | Inter-body Memo 2

What Does A Slowed Metabolism Mean?

Everything that happens within your body can be boiled down to organic chemical reactions. If your cells are starving for nutrients (like when you diet) your body will simply slow down your metabolism. This means that the chemical reactions are s-l-o-w-e-d  d-o-w-n so that within any given time period, your body needs less nutrients.

But nothing trumps the damage done when muscle fibres (cells) are broken down. This happens either:

  • Due to lack of nutrition to the muscle or
  • So the protein can be used elsewhere in the body

Why is this so catastrophic?

Muscle cells (usually called muscle fibres) are not replaceable. So once a muscle fibre has been broken down, you can never get it back! Less muscle mass equates to less calories burned on an hour to hour basis.

Down the road, your slowed metabolism will cause weight gain. You will find yourself heavier than you were before.

Lack of essential nutrients = lower metabolism = less calories burned = weight gain

Dieting Makes People Fat
Dieting Makes People Fat | Inter-body Memo 3

Would You Rather Live in a Hovel or a Quality Home?

  • Each one of your body’s cells has an important job to do. It also has to be able to ward off disease as it works.
  • So, as time marches on, cell after cell is repaired or rebuilt new. The quality of your body’s cells can only be as good as the quality of the building materials that you’ve supplied it with.
  • The quality of your cells is important because, over time, it reflects in the quality of your whole body (health).
Dieting Makes People Fat
Dieting Makes People Fat | Inter-body Memo 4

How Do Health Food Products Cause Weight Gain?

Corporations take a tiny bit of real food & mix it with so called “edible” chemicals & call it health food. They make billions of dollars on these products. Unfortunately, this low-calorie food is also low-nutrient food.

Choosing low-calorie, nutrient deficient food eventually causes weight gain because:

  • Although you’ve provided your body with food & calories, you haven’t provided the required nutrients to carry out your body’s repairs & renovation. So, shortly after you’ve eaten, you’re hungry again!
  • Furthermore, because much of these calories have no nutrients, they are useless to the body & can only be stored as fat.

Food that’s high in nutrients usually has a higher calorie count. But that’s okay! Your body will use each calorie of this nutrient dense food for building materials. This will leave nothing behind to be turned into fat.

Furthermore, because you’ve provided your body with the necessary building materials, you won’t be hungry for hours to come. Your cravings will be a thing of the past. Simply, your body has what it needs & won’t be bothering you.

Choose Food With The Most Nutrients Per Calorie

When people want to lose weight, they tend to think, “I want the food with the least calories”. A more successful approach is to think, “I want the food with the most nutrients per calorie”!

Dieting Makes People Fat
Dieting Makes People Fat | Inter-body Memo 5

Stop Thinking Diet; Start Thinking Nutrition

The fact is that your body can only metabolize 1.5 pounds of fat in a week anyway. So, if you lose more weight than this within a week, you are also losing water & much, much worse, precious calorie-burning muscle!

Remember, you don’t necessarily want to lose weight. Really, you just want to lose the fat.

So, here’s the answer to fat loss: eat real food, get all the nutrients you need in a day & burn off any excess calories through exercise. Yes, your weight loss will be slower, but also:

  • Your health will remain intact because your body will have all the building materials that it requires.
  • Your skin will have the time to regenerate “smaller” so that it will still tightly hug your smaller body.
  • You’ll retain your muscle mass.
  • Your weight loss will be permanent.
Dieting Makes People Fat
Dieting Makes People Fat Memo 6

For more information on which foods are the best choice, click here > The Real Food Lifestyle.

– LEONG Orthopaedic Health

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