Why Juice Makes People Fat

Why Juice Makes People Fat
Oranges come in their own carrying cases. The sugars, acids, pulp, vitamins, and minerals are in perfect balance, designed for optimal use by the body. Oranges shouldn’t be processed into juice. Juice has too much sugar to be considered healthy.

Even with the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, juice is only perceived to be healthy. From this erroneous perception, a billion-dollar industry rages: juice diets, juice cleanses, juice bars, counter-top juicers and of course, the sale of juice itself.

The truth, the sugar in juice sets off the Insulin Reaction, making you gain weight.

The Canada Food Guide no longer promotes juice as a plausible serving choice. In fact, it urges Canadians to choose fruit and vegetables more often than juice.

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How Juice Makes People Fat

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