Meal Prep for the Time Starved

Meal Prep for the Time Starved | The Easy Way
Meal Prep for the Time Starved | The Easy Way

You’re late leaving work. Rain sluices down your windshield. High-beams glare in your rear-view mirror. You hold the steering wheel with fingers outstretched to allow the heat from the vents to blow over your hands. You’re cold and exhausted. There’s no supper waiting at home. Meal prep? Who are you kidding? You’re too hungry!

Decision Time!

Meal Prep for the Time Starved | The Easy Way

Hmmm … If I order pizza now, I’ll have just enough time to get home and change into my fuzzy pajamas before it’s delivered!

No! I just ate at a restaurant for lunch. I should be cooking dinner when I get home. What about saving for that down payment?

Actually, pizza is pretty inexpensive. Even less so considering that I can take the leftovers for lunch.

But what about my sister’s wedding? That snooty, slutty, skinny Amanda will definitely be there. I so want to show up in my little black dress! Ugh! Pizza is not exactly slimming.

Meal Prep for the Time Starved | The Easy Way

Oh! I almost forgot. That new mini-series with that super-hot guy is on tonight. A double-episode! It starts in like 45 minutes. If I order pizza now, then I can be in my pajamas, pizza in one hand, glass of Cabernet Sauvignon in the other, and be in front of the TV when it starts!

Why is it Such a Challenge To Eat Healthy?

Everyone finds it a challenge to eat healthy.

But, what if you could come home and quickly heat up a healthy, delicious, “from-scratch” meal? What if there were healthy, delicious, “from-scratch” meals all ready to take for lunch the next day? Your weight and diet goals would be easy to achieve!

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6 Day Meal Prep for the Time Starved

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