Why Ten Sessions Minimum Up Front?

Be strong enough to enjoy life’s journey.

If you’ve been browsing our website, you may have come across our fee schedule: $110 per session in ten session blocks payable up front.

To someone unfamiliar with the industry, the cost plus the up-front payment may seem like a lot. But these aren’t ten individual sessions so much as an education where each week’s information builds on previous learning. 

Why the Ten Session Minimum?

Be strong enough to enjoy life’s journey.

Why the ten session minimum? Because for you, the first 10 sessions are intense. There’s so much to learn!

  • Unfortunately, most people lack a mind-body connection, at least with some of their muscles. This is why physiologically your first 3-4 sessions are mostly your body clearing neural pathways. But by the 5th, 6th, or 7th session (everyone progresses differently) you start to build some real strength.
  • Even former athletes have dysfunctional movement patterns that need to be unlearned and replaced with more functional ways of moving.
  • Proper posture is essential. Building muscle around poor posture will only cause pain.
  • You need to hold your body correctly at the start of each exercise, then through the movement, and with full range of motion. Performing exercises incorrectly causes injuries.
  • Simultaneously, you must inhale during the eccentric phase and exhale during the concentric phase of each repetition (this takes the pressure off the heart and prevents hemorrhoids). 
  • Holding proper posture, correct form, with full range of motion, while breathing properly can be frustrating to do all at once. But by the 5th session, you’ll get pretty good at it!
  • Each session, the resistance increases in increments depending on each exercise’s performance the week prior. This gives your ligaments, tendons, and bones time to strengthen along with your muscles. 
  • During these 10 sessions, you’ll need to do home exercises. Each session, your home exercises will be checked and possibly progressed to more challenging variations.

Why the Up-front Payment?

Be strong enough to enjoy life’s journey.

Why the up-front payment? Because your success requires total commitment from both of us. The following may be needed within your first few sessions:

  • Research all your ailments, orthopaedic and systemic, to ensure the best exercises are chosen to eliminate causing harm.
  • Possibly visit your physiotherapist with you (at no charge).
  • Design your workout.
  • Organize your home exercises.
  • Organize your cardio.
  • Review your nutrition (if desired).

From long-term clients paying 10 sessions up front repeatedly for over a decade, to disabled, unemployed clients scraping together the funds because they need to learn, 10 sessions are the minimum.


Because psychologically, paying those sessions up front puts you in a total commitment mindset and gives you a fighting chance at success.

The Benefit to You

Be strong enough to enjoy life’s journey.

This program is what you’re looking for. The strength and control you’ll gain over your body will change your life. And that’s the whole point of being strong — to enjoy the journey of life.

If You’re Still on the Fence

Be strong enough to enjoy life’s journey.

Your initial consultation is free!

We can meet and see if we’re a good fit. We’ll read over your medical history forms and discuss your goals. You’ll see the gym. You can ask all the questions you want!

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